In our current facilities, located on the Avenida de Murcia, Jumilla, we have proceeded to the constant modernization of our facilities, a first ship built in 1974, for the preservation of wines made in the cellar installed in the town center. It was made to equip it with the facilities and the necessary machinery to carry out the elaboration here.

Later, the following vessel was built, in which the bottling plant was installed, which is prepared for a great volume of work. The machinery of this plant has been updated with the latest advances necessary for the optimization of work.

The last major investment was the construction of a third wine cellar, with a basement, which at controlled temperature and humidity maintains more than 800 oak barrels destined to aging wines, under optimum conditions. Conservation. At the top were installed stainless steel tanks, which increased the company’s productive capacity. At the same time they installed modern temperature-controlled self-elevators that considerably improved the quality of the elaborated wines.